Shipping Policy

Luxury Tech has Free Shipping on all orders purchased and processed in North America.
Please refer to section 4 of our terms and service and also our duties page at the footer of our website.

If the product that is purchased is in stock, processing times for majority of our manufacturers will range between 2-5 business days (Depending on their lead time at that given time).
Shipping times, again for majority of our suppliers, are typically 7-14 business days.
We are able to hold orders on products that have been on backorder and that will ensure that you will receive a unit once the item is restocked.
Option two would be to issue you a full refund to the method of payment if the wait for the product is too long of a delay. 

Please allow extra time to receive your package due to unexpected delays especially in today's world. We will send you out a confirmation email shortly after the purchase has been made and the processing procedure will begin. 
Once the processing is completed, we will receive shipping information that we will relay to you (the customer) immediately with a link to the tracking page of the shipping provider that is used.
From there, you will be able to track your order and will be provided an exact delivery date rather than an estimated date. 

In the event that an order needs to be cancelled, returned, or exchanged, it must be done before the order has left the warehouse. We are unable to change or update anything on the order once it has left the warehouse. 
The only way we would be able to change an address is through a process that usually takes an additional 4-6 business days. 
This does not happen often but in the event of a product having to cross border during delivery than customers will be responsible for any duty fees and taxes attached to them if there may be any. Please refer to the duties policy found on the footer of our website. 

Shipping Disclaimer:  Luxury Tech Inc is not responsible for any damages, defects, or delays that may occur once the order has been shipped out of the warehouse. We do not ship out our products from a Luxury Tech Inc warehouse. Our suppliers will either have their own warehouse or a third party warehouse where our inventory is stored. 

However things happen and we understand. We "Luxury Tech Inc" will be responsible for fixing / finding a solution to ANY issue that may occur when delivering. Unfortunately, weather conditions and natural disasters are out of our control.

If you have any questions or concerns about our shipping policy, feel free to contact us at 833-589-8797 or send us an email at