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Schwank bistroSchwank Series (2 Stage) MO-2152-NG / MO-2152-SN

Schwank bistroSchwank Series (2 Stage) MO-2152-NG / MO-2152-SN

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Product Description

bistroSchwank outdoor patio heater provides affordability and performance to keep your patio open during colder temperatures and create the perfect patio ambiance for your customers. Built with Marine Grade 316 stainless-steel, and available in single-stage and 2-stage models. BTU Input: 32K to 50K.

Keep you and your guests warm and comfortable this year whether it may be at a restaurant or if you are having company over to your own house, Schwank Patio Heaters never fail to please!


  • Black or stainless-steel   
  • Flexible Mounting Options include wall, ceiling, and post-mount. You can combine 2100 + 2300 series on the same project!
  • Premium Performance Construction. Marine Grade 316 stainless steel construction which stands up to the elements.
  • Blend Seamlessly. Available in black or stainless steel color options allow the heater to blend into the patio or outdoor environment. 
  • Schwank Patent Ceramic Tile Design. Provide high intensity heat, with quick ramp up time and energy efficient heat distribution.
  • Available in single-stage and 2-stage.
  • Adaptable Control options include single/double/triple switch, patio panel and remote.
  • Efficient, Clean Direct Infrared Heating Performance
  • Optional faceplate to add a modern feel
  • Perfect for restaurant, hospitality, and retail applications.
  • Max BTU output 35,000 or 50,000 Natural Gas

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  • 3-year ceramic burner coverage
  • 3-year coverage on all other outdoor heater components

Accessories Sold Separately:

*Please call and ask about these options if you are interested*

  • Wall mount brackets [JP-2100-MB]
  • arm wall kit [JP-2300-MK]
  • post-mount brackets [JP-2300-PK]
  • universal mount bracket kit [JP-2100-CB-K]
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