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Paragon Outdoor

Paragon Outdoor Sienna Hard Top Gazebo - GZ3D

Paragon Outdoor Sienna Hard Top Gazebo - GZ3D

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Product Description

Screen out the bugs and let the air in with the Siena Screen Room Gazebo. A stunning entertaining space, this gazebo is built for maximum comfort and enjoyment with sliding screen doors on all 4 sides.

Shield your family brunch from the glare of the sun or enjoy the rain's soft pitter-patter with the full coverage of the Siena's dome-shaped, composite roof.

The roof is made of a sophisticated composite of aluminum and polyethylene core and multiple layers of finishes and coatings.

The roof's underside has a white-cream color finish that adds a wonderful glow during the day and into the evenings. Even candlelight reflects back down and illuminates the area at nighttime.

This rugged gazebo is made of aluminum and steel. The vertical posts are aluminum, and the rails holding up the roof are aluminum with steel inserts for strength. Base plates at the bottom of each post that the gazebo sits on are made of steel.


  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Roof Material: Aluminum Composite
  • Roof Style: Hard Top
  • Roof Shape: Hipped
  • Square Feet: 124 ft
  • Overall Dimensions: 11′ 2′′ W x 11′ 2′′ D x 9′ 7′′ H


  • Structure Warranty: 5 Years
  • Roof Warranty: 2 Years

Warranty covers damage due to manufacturing defects only for a period of 5 years on the structure and 2 years on the Polyester roof/canopy from date of purchase. Warranty does not cover weather-inflicted damage and/or damages causes caused by not following assembly instructions and adhering to warnings in manual. Warranty does not cover user error, negligence, or misuse.

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