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Schwank electricSchwank Electric IR Indoor/Outdoor | Dual Bulb 3000W - 6000W

Schwank electricSchwank Electric IR Indoor/Outdoor | Dual Bulb 3000W - 6000W

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Product Description

electricSchwank heating systems offer a streamlined, yet effective heating solution for any indoor or outdoor spaces. They are available in a range of sizes, wattages, and voltages that can provide appropriate warmth to any indoor or outdoor area, from a small room to an expansive open-air commercial space.

This electric infrared heater is available in two different sizes, and with a single bulb or dual bulb option to ensure your patio is heated effectively. The dual bulb electricSchwank comes with a 2-stage feature for a high or low heat setting. These four models have a dual bulb option: ESD 3000 Series, ESD 4000 Series, ESD 5000 Series, ESD 6000 Series. 

*This is the Dual Bulb Heater product page. Please check out our electricSchwank Single Bulb product if you are interested in the Single Bulb set up*

Add a simple on/off control, a variable control, or a 2-stage control to adjust the heating comfort across your patio with the flick of a switch. All controls are available with no cover, weatherproof cover, or weatherproof box models with flush-mount or surface-mount options.

Call for available mounting brackets and price that best fits your project!


  • Control options include on/off, variable, and 2-stage
  • Attractive stainless-steel finish – custom colors available in black, white, beige, and mineral bronze [custom colors have a longer lead time]
  • Light emitted is easy on your eyes
  • Mounting options include ceiling, flush mount/recessed and post-mount
  • Stainless Steel
  • Flexible Mounting Options include wall, ceiling, flush/recessed and post-mount. As opposed to free-standing patio heaters, this heater's overhead mounted design frees up space in aisles to allow more room for seating and foot traffic. Insulated cabinet, means you can mount much closer than others.
  • Available in single-stage and 2-stage 
  • ESD 3000 Series, ESD 4000 Series, ESD 5000 Series, ESD 6000 Series.
  • Dual bulb, medium wave quartz bulbs
  • Available in single-stage and 2-stage.
  • Adaptable Control options include on/off, variable, and 2-stage.
  • Efficient, Clean Direct Infrared Heating Performance
  • Perfect for restaurant, hospitality, and retail applications.

Product Brochure and Specifications with Photos (English): 


Flush Mount Manual:

Post Mount Manual (Download):   


  • 3-year ceramic burner coverage
  • 3-year coverage on all other outdoor heater components
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