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Touchstone Whisper Lift II Pro Advance with Swivel Mechanism For 65" T.Vs 23501

Touchstone Whisper Lift II Pro Advance with Swivel Mechanism For 65" T.Vs 23501

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Product Description

    Touchstone's patented Whisper Lift® II Pro Advanced brings all the reliability and value of the industry leading Whisper Lift® II TV Lift Mechanism to a lift designed for the pro-user. These advanced features include lift height memory, an IR sensor for universal remotes, a 12 volt trigger connection for use with automated systems and a manual 60 degree swivel. The Whisper Lift® II operates by using a single piston actuator in an enclosed system for completely safe operation with virtually zero wear and tear. The steel external casing of the lift provides added protection for the lift internal parts, which keeps it clean and free of dirt and any debris.

    Lift Height Memory

    The PRO Advanced with Swivel features Touchstone's innovated motor systemsk which lets you program and save your favorite position for your TV. This can be based on your viewing angle in bed or from you favorite chair, or the position of your components or soundbar on your component shelf.

    IR Sensor for universal remotes

    One of the most requested features in the original Whisper Lift® II is IR remote support. The built-in IR sensor will let you use your universal remote to control the lift height of your TV, so no more requirement for a second remote for your TV lift. With Touchstone's remote repeater or component shelf, you can now control everything from one remote.

    Swivel system

    One of the most requested features on the original Whisper Lift® II, the swivel feature lets you view your flat screen in a Touchstone lift from more angles in our bedroom, living room or family room. Do you have a sitting area in your bedroom? Well you can now turn your TV towards that sitting area. Touchstone's swivel also has a safetly feature, where the lift will not go down unless the TV is back in the "home" position".

    The add-on component shelf attaches to the TV lift system directly below the flat screen TV and raises or lowers into the cabinet along with you TV when remotely activated.

    Use this versatile TV lift mechanism as a dropdown TV lift, pop up TV lift, floor mount TV lift, ceiling mount TV lift or outside outdoor TV lift.

    Product Highlights

    • Can hold TVs up to 75 lbs
    • Durable steel construction
    • Quiet 24V motor lifts TV up to 68.5 inches
    • Swivel feature for expanded viewing area in any room
    • Lift height memory for locking in that perfect viewing angle
    • Built-in IR sensor for pairing with universal remotes
    • 12 volt trigger support for automation
    • A TV Lift Mechanism that outperforms other lifts twice its price!


    • Lift raises quickly to the full height of 68.5" in less than 30 seconds
    • Whisper Lift® PRO Advanced Swivel TV Lift fully depressed measures 32.5"H x 10"W x 9"D (Including TV mount brackets, does not include TV depth)
    • Holds televisions up to 75 lbs
    • Durable Steel Construction with 24 V Motor makes operation quiet and reliable
    • Single actuator in an enclosed steel casing reduces wear and tear, enhances safe operation, and keeps the lift clean and free of dirt and debris
    • Modular design allows for internal components to be easily replaced in just minutes
    • Universal Quick Connect system for mounting TV to lift is easy to use and install
    • Hardware kit includes all necessary bolts and screws and is compatible with most flat panel TV in the market today
    • Includes wireless 1 RF remote control and a wired handset control
    • 12v trigger for use with automated systems
    • IR sensor for pairing with universal remote controls
    • Manual swivel bracket with locking TV brackets.
    • Up to 60-degrees of swivel (depending on TV size)
    • Ability to set lift height, so the lift stops at the same spot every time


    • Lift Dimensions: 32.5"H x 9"D
    • Unit Weight: 55lbs

    Shipping Dimensions

    • Lift Box Dimensions: 38"L x 13"W x 9"D
    • Lift Box Shipping Weight: 55lbs
    • Swivel Bracket Box Dimensions: 28"L x 12"W x 6"D
    • Lift Box Shipping Weight: 16lbs



    Touchstone Home Products offers our customers a 5 year standard manufacturers warranty.

    Our warranty includes:

    • Replacement of any non-functioning lift parts
    • Toll-Free Customer Service & Support (English & Spanish speaking) 
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